Golden Retrievers and Black Russian Terriers

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Welcome to Golden Retriever and Black Russian Terrier Kennel Chrisridogs, Home of SA Champions and UK and Russian importsGolden Retrievers Spyder and Amy ( UK imported )

Golden Retriever kennel Chrisridogs started in 1999 in Cape Town with my first Golden Retriever Lionridge Nikita from Elmarie Basson’s Lionridge Golden Retriever kennel. I fell in love with the breed and my next two Golden Retrievers followed shortly in 2002, my first Golden Retriever boy Xhantos Hudson from the Xhantos kennel in the United Kingdom, and shortly after him my second girl Putjade Pretty Penny from the Putjade Golden Retriever kennel in the United Kingdom. I have always been involved with horse shows and at the time living in Cape Town, thus showing the Golden Retrievers came naturally, firstly as an very rewarding hobby and secondly to make sure that we stay on the right track with regards to the breed standard of the true Golden Retriever when it comes to planning a litter making sure that every Golden retriever puppy bred by Chrisridogs is of exceptional quality when it comes to temperament, health and breed standard.

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Chrisridogs are situated on a farm in the beautiful Karoo at the foot of Kompasberg our closest town being Neu Bethesda, Our family consist of Christoff, myself and all our fur children. Our dogs are a part of our family they live with us in our home and share our lives in full, our puppies are raised with love and care in our home and when time come for them to meet up with their new forever families we deliver them personally in Cape Town and make safe arrangement for the little ones destined for other parts of SA

For a very long time, I considered a second breed for our home. We needed someone to protect our family and property, but a breed that would fit in with our loving Golden Retrievers and that would be able to live with us on our casual manner in our home, and someone that would make the heads turn when they enter the showering, big black and beautiful the Black Russian Terriers fit this description 100%.

I bought my first Black Russian Terrier in 2005, and never looked back. The Black Russian Terrier was the perfect choice, the breed surpassed all my expectations. Shortly afterwords we imported our first Black Russian Terrier boy from Russia as we could not get enough of this wonderful amazing dogs.

In 2010 Christoff and I decided to get it together, I called Cape Town farewell and we started our lives together on Eindelik in the beautiful Karoo, Christoff is a sheep farmer and have been working and trialling his Border collies since 2003 and training Anatolian shepherds as Livestock Guardian Dogs since 2005. Christoff also imported Border collies from the UK to ensure he work and breed from the best possible working lines and later also decided to substitute the Anatolians for Central Asian Shepard’s as they have a higher success rate as Livestock Guardian Dogs.More dogs and imports followed in the years that came and you can read all about them on our website. Our family also consist of a lot of other farm animals, we are a registered Suffolk sheep stud called Chriscross Suffolks and also a registered Boran cattle stud called C&C Borane and own 6 Endurance horses, all our animals receive quality care and treatment and are bred with great care.

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